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Jack Coe Jr., was born on August 26, 1944 in Fort Worth, Texas. The oldest of six children, Jack Jr. was especially close to his father who was one of the most prominent television evangelist and tent revival ministers of the 1940's and early 50's.

Jack Coe Senior was widely known for having some of the largest healing revivals of that era. His crusades were conducted underneath one of the largest gospel tents in the world. His campaigns were noted for the miraculous. Thousands were healed of all kinds of sicknesses, diseases and afflictions. Today, Jack Coe Senior is remembered as the boldest healing evangelist of the 20th century.



When Jack Jr., was just twelve years of age, he saw his father pass away from illness linked directly to extreme exhaustion.

At that young age, it was difficult for him to understand why God would allow his father to pass away at what appeared to be the peak of his ministry. For many years he struggled with his Christian faith.


After spending several years working with other well known national ministries, in 1969, Jack Coe Jr. launched his own evangelistic ministry. He held his father in such high esteem that he often doubted his own calling and giftings. As a result, he struggled and prayed to establish his own identity in Christ.

In 1986, Jack Jr. was diagnosed with cancer. Doctors gave him just six to eight months to live. The cancer had spread throughout his liver and kidneys. This trial caused Jack to seek the Lord afresh, praying in earnest for direction for his own life and for his family.

On Father's Day of that same year, while lying in a hospital bed, Jack felt the Lord speak to his heart. God showed him that if he would return to his original commitment to help evangelize the world, He would heal him completely. Immediately, he surrendered to the Lordship of Christ and felt the healing power of God go through his weakened body.

Just a short time later, Jack was released from the hospital. Doctors marveled at his speedy recovery and renewed strength. Six months later after a thorough checkup, he was given a clean bill of health. Not a trace of cancer was found in Jack's body. Jack's lengthy hospital stay had taken it's toll on the family finances; but looking to Jesus and the vision that He placed on their heart, Jack and Frieda knew that God would be faithful to be a Provider and Shepherd. With a borrowed car and borrowing $100 dollars, they hit the evangelistic trail.

God opened doors that previously appeared to be shut. They have shared their testimony on Christian television programs such as TBN and DayStar with Marcus and Joni Lamb.

Jack and Frieda have conducted miracle crusades in Sweden, Norway, Germany, Denmark, England, Wales, West Africa, Romania, France, Canada, St. Martin, Mexico, Argentina, Cali, Belize, as well as several different South American Countries. Awesome miracles, healings, deliverance and salvation have taken place.

Jack and Frieda share the same vision. They want to see more of the miraculous demonstrations of God's power as was experienced in the healing revival movement of the 50's and 60's. They encourage the body of Christ to desire and earnestly pray for deeper realms of intercession and glory.

The spiritual renewal and revival of the late 90's has stirred up a demand for legitimate healing ministries. There is an increased demand for Jack Coe's testimony and ministry availability.

From now until the glorious appearing of our Lord Jesus Christ, Jack & Frieda Coe will remain faithful in taking the message of Christ's healing and saving love to the nations of the world.




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